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  • Victoria (Monday, January 14 19 05:23 pm GMT)

    As always I was made to feel very comfortable. A lovely relaxed atmosphere and fantastic customer care.

  • Pete Wilson (Wednesday, December 26 18 06:25 pm GMT)

    Really pleased with the massage once again. Christopher instantly notices where the problem is and treats accordingly. Relaxed enviroment and professional experience which makes you feel more relaxed knowing you are in safe and caring hands.
    Will be returning.

  • Kay Childs-Scott (Tuesday, December 11 18 06:31 pm GMT)

    Can't express how professional and talented lovely Claire is. I now have fabulous brows and eyeliner

  • Rob (Sunday, November 04 18 08:44 pm GMT)

    Another excellent time at in sensu and very pleased with results. Christopher discusses options, but always listens to clients issues and concerns and adapt treatments to meet clients needs. Both Christopher and Claire put clients first and are never pushy with treatments, just explain options. Well trained, professional and friendly establishment.

  • simon (Monday, October 22 18 07:48 pm BST)

    Excellent and friendly service every time. Chris takes time to put you at ease and explains the treatment fully and you never feel you are being rushed 'in and out. 100% happy.

  • Vicky Fane (Monday, October 22 18 07:24 pm BST)

    Loved having my top up on my eyebrows. Best thing I’ve ever had done. Such a relaxing atmosphere @ in sensu

  • Bethan Lloyd Hughes (Thursday, October 11 18 03:24 pm BST)

    Fantastic experience with Claire for my eyebrows and eyeliner. First time for eyeliner, so was a little concerned that it might be too uncomfortable. Gentle and quick, without being hasty, and always explaining what was going on, what might hurt &c. Great stuff!

  • Michele Marshall (Friday, October 05 18 10:24 am BST)

    Thankyou Claire. Fabulous brows once again. Such a lovely, clean, relaxing environment too.

  • Simon Hartley (Tuesday, September 04 18 01:44 pm BST)

    Another excellent session with Chris. I really appreciate his expertise and advice, and like the fact that this is a consultation process, ensuring I get the most out of the session.

  • Carole Martini (Wednesday, April 26 17 09:20 pm BST)

    Another fabulous treatment with Claire last night. Extremely professional treatment leaving me with beautiful eyebrows.

  • Bethan Lloyd Hughes (Wednesday, April 26 17 02:43 pm BST)

    Absolutely marvellous! A little bit of pain, but easily bearable, and Claire made everything so pleasant. A nice bright room too. I am so happy with my results, I can't stop looking!

  • Kris Eyre (Wednesday, April 26 17 02:36 pm BST)

    This is the first time I have had a massage that actually highlighted a problem with my muscles and worked on treating them. Very happy and will definitely be going back for further treatment

  • michael mulvaney (Saturday, April 01 17 08:17 pm BST)

    Very good

  • Bethan Smith (Saturday, April 01 17 04:13 pm BST)

    Fantastic... just what I needed. Thank you so much

  • Carole Martini (Friday, March 17 17 06:50 am GMT)

    Another fab appointment. Thanks Claire the eye liner is looking good three days on.

  • Shannon (Thursday, March 09 17 01:53 pm GMT)

    I had a carbon laser facial with Christopher yesterday, and it was amazing! Christopher spoke in depth about the treatment as he was doing it, explaining how it works to me.
    As it was the first time I've had a treatment like this. My skin looks great and it's really evened my skin tone 😊

  • Sue Udo (Thursday, March 02 17 10:19 am GMT)

    As always a wonderful experience
    Thank you so much Claire x

  • Shannon (Wednesday, March 01 17 08:32 pm GMT)

    Had my eyebrows tidied yesterday! 😍
    5* treatment as always!
    And fabulous eyebrows again 😀

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