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male grooming treatments

The majority of our treatments are suitable for both male and female alike but we also offer a range of treatments specifically designed with the male client in mind.

male facial treatments

In addition to the range of facial treatments we offer which are suitable for male and female clients, which can be seen here, we also offer a group of treatments specifically designed for male clients.

Male Facial Treatment

A traditional facial treatment specifically designed for male skin.


We use ET Men facial products to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and moisturise the face.  

A very relaxing treatment which leaves the face looking fresh and feeling great.

45 minutes - £32.50

Beard Conditioning Facial

As beards become ever more popular we wanted to add a treatment for the care and upkeep of them.  Hence my new Beard Conditioning & Facial.  

The beard is cleaned and conditioned before being trimmed and tidied as wanted.  Following this I complete a facial treatment so you leave looking your best ending with a conditioning beard balm to soften and add shine to your beard.


45 minutes - £45

Ear, Nose & Eyebrow Tidy

Unwanted hair is a fact of life and of aging.  

Remove unwanted Ear, Nose & Eyebrow hair.  


We will use a combination of clippers, tweezers and wax to get rid of that unsightly hair.  Eyebrows will be trimmed/shaped to your desired shape whilst leaving them looking natural.

A perfect add-on treatment.


25 minutes - £17

Eyebrow Shape & Tidy

Get your eyebrows under control using a combination of waxing and tweezering.  We will shape your eyebrows to your desired shape leaving them looking natural.

Great to add to any treatment.


15 minutes - £10


Beard Trim & Shape

The beard is trimmed with clippers and shaped using clippers and razor to your desired length and shape.

Great to add to any treatment.


20 minutes - £15


A handshake is often an important first impression.  As male grooming becomes more established it is expected that men's hands and nails will aide this impression.  These hand treatments are designed for just that.  They will leave hands and nails looking cared for and nails looking naturally healthy.


This treatment is designed specifically for the male hand.  The treatment begins with the nails being cut, filed and shaped.  The hands are exfoliated and then cleaned with hot towels before a conditioning hand cream is applied.  The treatment finishes with a hand massage and the nails being lightly buffed to leave them looking smooth and healthy.

45 minutes - £25

Diamond Microdermabrasion MANicure

Following the steps of the MANicure above with the addition of diamond microdermabrasion.  Ideal for very handworking and older hands.  The microdermabrasion helps with all signs or ware and aging.

60 minutes - £35

MANicure & Hand/Forearm Exfoliation

A deep hand and forearm (including elbows) exfoliating massage is added to our MANicure treatment to enhance to the ultimate in care for hard working hands.


60 minutes - £35


As flip flops become a staple of the summer months it is more important than ever to have feet which look healthy.  Our feet are probably the most neglected and uncomplaining part of our bodies so why not say thank you and give them a break?

Express Pedicure for Men

Our Pedicure for Men is designed to refresh male feet and nails.  The treatment begins with trimming and shaping of toe nails and cuticle care.  The feet are refreshed with cleansing and hot towels before a foot cream is used to moisturise and massage the feet and toes.

30 minutes - £25

Pedicure for Men

This treatment follows the steps of our Express Pedicure for Men treatment.  We add not only a deep exfoliating foot rub and mask to soften the hard skin of the foot and sole.  We then rasp layers of this softened skin to leave the feet looking and feeling fresh and healthy.

60 minutes - £35

Ultimate Pedicure for Men

Added to our Pedicure for Men treatment we continue this treatment with a foot & leg massage.

90 minutes - £55

Hard Skin Blast for Men

Hard skin on the feet is rasped away using a diamond head electric rasp before being exfoliated and softened and then the softened skin is rasped once again for a smooth finish. (Please note - no nail work is included in this treatment)


30min - £29.50


These treatments are designed specifically for male clients.  You can find our multi-sex body treatmentsincluding, full body wraps, exfolation etc. here.  Simply choose a male therapist when booking.

Microdermabrasion for Body

With the same benefits of Microdermabrasion for the face it is a wonderful treatment for the body.  Particularly good for spot prone areas like the back and buttocks.  The area to be treated is cleansed then a larger Diamond Microdermabrasion wand is used on the area followed by a moisturising treatment.  You will see the benfits immediately.


75 minutes Back Microdemabrasion - £109

45 minutes Buttocks Microdermabrasion - £79

90 minutes Back & Buttocks Microdermabrasion - £129


waxing & trimming (male)

Waxing continues to be popular treatment for men.  We offer a full range of waxing treatments for all areas of face and body including intimate waxing.  If you are looking for a permanent solution to unwanted hair growth why not look at out Laser Hair Removal options.  Laser Hair Removal Treatments are paid for individually and virtually pain free!

Waxing for Men

Back & Shoulders Wax - £28

Chest & Abdomen Wax - £28

Full Leg Wax - £30

Full Arm Wax - £25


Intimate Waxing for Men

Male only and treatment performed by a male therapist.  Female Intimate Waxing can be booked here.


Underarm Wax - £15

Intimate Male Wax - £48.50

The Classic Male Wax (Back, Sack & Crack) - £55

Trimming for Men

Male only and treatment performed by male therapist.


The more groomed, trimmed look of body hair is very popular and a good way to control the look of hair without the added pain of waxing.


Full Body Trim (including underarm) - £16

Full Body Trim & Intimate Male Trim- £22

Intimate Male Trim - £12

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